Though we have many memorable wins and experiences these are the ones that stick out the most for us.

2016 Iowa State Rabbit Breeders Princess Sarah G.
2016 Iowa State Rabbit Breeders Lady Selah G.
2016 Iowa State District 3 Teams
2016 Convention 1st Place Dwarf Hotot Doe

2015 Iowa State District 3 Team
2015 Dwarf Hotot National Convention 3rd Place

2014-Didn’t Attend

2013 Iowa State Rabbit Princess Sarah G
2013 Arba Nationals Pennsylvania Quizbowl National Winners Sarah and Selah G.
2013 Arba Nationals BOB and BOS Youth Blanc De Hotot Sarah G.
2013 Arba Nationals 5th Place Dwarf Hotot Sarah
2013 Arba Nationals 1st Place Jr Lilac Himalayan Selah G.
2013 Arba Nationals Best Interm. Doe Beveren Sarah G.
2013 Amana Iowa Show Best 4 class Himalayan and Reserve Best in Show Selah

2012 Himalayan Nationals Chocolate 1 st place Jr. Youth
2012 Himalayan Nationals Specialty Open Vs. Youth BOS
2012 Himalayan Nationals Lilac BOV Youth
Selah G.

2012 Arba Nationals Kansas Team Iowa Runner up Sarah G.
2012 Arba Nationals Mini Rex 2nd and 6th Place
2012 Arba Nationals 12 and 11 Himalayan

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