Dwarf Hotots “Eyes of the Fancy” are amazing little bunnies! We love there sweet personalities and how great they are with the kids. They love snuggling, kissing and grunting. Dwarf Hotots can be a somewhat challenging breed to breed but they are very rewarding too and the babies are the cutest ever! We are trying hard to build up our herd and to help promote the breed throughout Iowa and beyond.

If you are interested in Breeding and Showing Dwarf Hotots we would be willing to help in anyway. Finding “show” quality rabbits can be challenging and we suggest getting brood stock and working your way up to your own lines. Sometimes Brood rabbits can be show rabbits and we do sell some of our show rabbits that just don’t cut it on the show table. These animals as well as sports can make great stock for your breeding program. We don’t always keep our For Sale page up to date so please email us if there is something you are looking for. Babs@rocketRabbitry.com

Posing is best started as soon as they open there eyes. Many of these were given to us to help us restart after a storm/tornado took out a lot of our bunnies. They don’t know how to pose!!!


Rockets Winter 10 weeks olddh









This guy had a party in the water dish! He is FOR SALE as a pet or breeder though he is more pet quality at this time.

8 weeks old

Jh Atremis X Lake Effects Namu







Rockets Izabelle izabele








LL’s 3 lls3








Rockets Abby

Beautiful 6 month old doe. Placed 1st at Ft Dodge. We were blessed that she is from our original stock!

1Gc Legabby







Rockets LULU










Lcs s7










319-800-9643 for price

Sorry molting in picture!



LL’s 3

Sport Buck

For Sale

Brother took 3rd Place 2015 ARBA Convention

Brother #2 places well.


Partial Pedigree

Grand Champion Kaliedescopes Vicki

4GC Leg

1st Place ARBA national Convention San Diego Californiaimage




Convention Results for 2016 ARBA Convention in San Diego California





 Rockets Izoro

2 GC legs

This old lady is a brood doe. She is one of our originals and no longer is asked to pose:)



Jcs 4c






Dillons Can



RH Benben

Blue Sport Buck that refuses to pose





Joys Eck eck






Blue banded





LCs LXlx






JH Artemis

From our Rocket Lines3a








RIP Sweet Bunnies

Grand Champion Rockets Cosmo cosmos1