Himalayan’s are funny looking rabbits! They sway there head back and forth when they are happy, chatter, purr and have great personalities. Himmies are the BEST rabbit for children. They just lay there and my kids haul them all over. They take naps with them too. We are excited to be able to offer these great rabbits to kids and ours love showing anyone how great this breed is.

Himalayans are one of the oldest rabbit breed. They are very popular in other countries where they are known as the best rabbit for children. We have found them to be as well. We welcome anyone interested in finding a docile rabbit for there child no matter what there age to come and visit our Himalayans. We have children from toddler to 10 that handle our Himmis everyday. They come in 4 different colors. Black, Chocolate, Lilac and Blue!

Would you like a Himalayan??? You can Visit our For Sale page however its not always up to date. Please email us at Babs@rocketrabbitry.com

Rockets Naomi









Rockets Zac

Black Buck

Zac isn’t very pretty but he is all we have left of Rockets harley Harley and Buckos Echo

Buckos H15

Older Doe who still shows. She got some frostbite on her ears this winter and will be for sale in the spring. Great brood doe for someone. Carries Rockets Lines.









Kelseys Antonio 1 GC Leg







Rocket Creeks RR2rr2

Rockets Lines






Electrorabbitrys Pr3





Will be for sale in Spring. Great topline just a tad short in body. xmo1







Little babies Growing!

So when Himmis get cold as babies they get grey like this. It takes longer to get them on the table but there color is usually darker where they should have coloring.

Rockets Moo2




Rockets Lynn




Rockets Spring


RIP Sweet Bunnies

Grand Champion Rockets Cloud
10 Legs
BOV 2013 Himalayan Nationals
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Best 4 Class Grand Champion Edens C214
Sadly she passed while kindling





Grand Champion Rockets Sky
1st place ARBA Nationals 2013 Jr Blue Doe