We are updating our site as of 11/2016
Rocket Rabbitry is a small rabbitry close to Cedar Rapids, Ia. We focus on producing high quality rabbits that meet the standard of perfection as well as rare breeds. We are an ARBA registered rabbitry specializing in show quality Dwarf Hotots, Himalayans, Red Mini Rex, Blanc De Hotots, Rhinelanders, Czech Frosties and Beverens and now Netherland Dwarfs! We are members of all our breeds clubs as well as state, local and of course ARBA. Our children are proud to be participants in the youth contests at a State and National level as well as participation in 4-H

About our rabbits:
We breed to try and met the standard of perfection and for health and temperament. Our rabbits are high quality that we compare to rabbits at the national level. Our rabbits over the years continue to do well nationally and we are proud of the results. In 2016 we lost a lot of our rabbits from the effects of tornado winds and air pressure. We are grateful to the numerous breeders who stepped up and helped replace our rabbits as well as give us rabbits from our previous lines. All of these animals have competed at a national level leaving us right where we left off.
We try and register almost all of our rabbits if they can meet the requirements. We do sell show quality rabbits and there prices will reflect there quality and lines. We also sell pets rabbits. We are here to answer any questions you may have about our breeds, showing and more!

About the Kids!
Sarah is the 2016 Iowa State Rabbit Breeders Ass. Dutchess! Our oldest shows and breeds Dwarf Hotots. She has a couple of her own Himalayan lines. Her main focus is BEW Netherland Dwarfs and Dwarf Hotots.
Dwarf Hotots are “Eyes of the Fancy”. They are super sweet but it is somewhat challenging to get correctly marked babies. Showing them is really fun and we hope to help expand the breed in Iowa. Sarah is working on becoming a registrar as well and hopefully in the future a judge.

Selah is the breeder of Himalayans and the 2016 Iowa State Rabbit Breeders Ass. Lady!!!

Competing at a National level with her homegrown buck, she brought home a BOV at Breed Nationals and he has 10 Grand Champion Legs. He passed away after a neighbors dog attacked him.  Selah is on the Autism Spectrum and rabbits have helped her overcome so many delays, speech impairments and has given her confidence, focus and helped teach her responsibility.  Selah has continued to do well with her Himalayans and has a very strong foundation. Selah also focuses on Dwarf Hotots, Rhinelanders, Blanc de Hotots and Red Mini Rex and Cavies.
Himalayans are a very docile breed and excellent for kids. They are the oldest rabbit breed and are the only rabbit that poses in a cylinder shape. They come 4 colors, Blue, black, chocolate and lilac. Himalayans are also known for smut which is a discoloration on there coat usually from touching cold surfaces. Smut is a disqualification from the show though many do molt it out. Many brood animals will have smut so please keep that in mind. Our For Sale animals will be noted if they have smut at the time of sale or not.

Eden Is the LOVER of the amazing Czech Frosties! She is the proud owner of 7 Frosties! Go to there page to fin out more about this amazing breed.

Ezra is just turning 5 and has himlayans. He is studying for nationals this year.
We strive to have almost all our rabbits registered. Most of our rabbits are Grand Champions as well.

If you would like to contact us or get on a waiting list you can find us on the contact page or email Babs at Babs@RocketRabbitry.com or you can call us at 319-800-9643.